International Real Estate Relationships Brought to a New Level

US Banks and private owners are selling real estate at incredibly low prices. Why being content with meager interest rates when you can have an house at a fraction of the cost? rent it for an immediate profit, while also pre-selling it to your tenant, who can pay it in two years, so that you also have future profit already secured. have it rented with no effort on your part and enjoy immediate cash flow while the tenant also agree with you to buy it in a couple of years for twice as much as you paid it today? Do you think it is a dream? No, it is simple and demonstrable fact. And you can do it at a distance by using systems that have been developed for you by top rated real estate investors and marketers like Mark Jackson and Sam Bell.

We are going to launch an international investing project that will allow any European to select the most interesting deals, do a precise evaluation of them and market them all through the Internet and from the comfort of their home! Here is an interview I have done with Mark Jackson, the king of evaluation of US Real Estate, who explains the key components of the system.

Mark Jackson is one of the most remarkable real estate gurus of the moment. I had the chance of meeting him for the first time in Tampa during a Joint Venture and Internet Marketing webinar last weekend. He was one of the speakers, but even before I had the chance of listening to his presentation, I was immediately struck by his ease and warmth and by his passion, dept felt feelings and beliefs. He is the kind of man who masters immediate trust and respect because he shows he actually cares and that he is at the same time very expert in his own field.

He went through hardships and created his own path with determination and honesty. Before becoming a master investor he became a certified appraiser and eventually has turned that expertise to the benefit of all other investors by offering them the most comprehensive system for evaluating a property and establishing its after repair value before entering into the deal. He provides also extensive training to support the system and can personally validate, along with his staff, the evaluations attempted by his own students. In addition to that he can provide a gateway to some of the best deals available on the market.